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General Terms

Your privacy is sacred. Togglevue is not interested in disrespecting or violating anyone’s privacy rights.
To read about online privacy, visit privacy rights, for more information.

At Togglevue, our mission is to provide every person with access to information and acquisition of knowledge for free, forever.

Togglevue is a human enterprise. We are not free from making mistakes on occasion. At times, our content and design may be incomplete, incorrect or misleading, and although we do our best to ensure thorough research goes into every line; we cannot guarantee the accuracy of anything you find on

More importantly, the content you find on this website should only be used as a reference. You should use your own best judgment and consider multiple sources when following anything you read anywhere on the internet, including

Lastly, we will never intentionally put out misleading information on this site. We hope you, as responsible netizens, do not misuse the information available on, for any nefarious activities.

We're currently working on more updated definitions, please check back here soon.

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